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Lynntech Life Sciences provides research expertise in molecular biology, cellular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

Through collaboration of these disciplines, we assemble diverse teams to execute biology-driven research. Utilizing proprietary software and advanced sensing units, we deliver diagnostic integrity for point-of-care interactions.

With partners in major research sectors, Lynntech plays a fundamental role in the creation, execution and promotion of innovative medical technologies.

  • Disease Diagnostics
  • Biothreat Detection
  • Point-of-Care Technologies
  • Micro-fluidic Systems
  • Peptide Discovery
  • Nucleic Acid Analysis
  • Exclusive Ligand Expertise
  • Novel Nucleic Acid-based Technologies
  • Extensive Assay Development Experience
  • Innovative Sample Preparation Methods
  • State-of-the-Art Laboratory Facilities

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