Materials Science 2017-05-11T10:49:45+00:00

The Lynntech Materials Science group develops advanced materials with properties tailored to address the diverse needs of our customers. We collaborate with academic and commercial experts to identify innovative solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology development and materials research.


Our efforts focus on materials and soft solutions towards improved human health, optical characterization and interrogation, biocompatible structures, functionalized substrates, biochemical sensing, reactive and protective fabrics, and nanomaterials for enhanced performance.

  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Biomaterials (therapy and wound care)
  • Protective and Reactive Coatings
  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • Surface-Modified Materials
  • Integrated Chemical Sensors and “Soft” Solutions
  • Optical Instrumentation
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Fully equipped wet chemistry laboratories
  • Analytical instrumentation
    • X-Ray Diffraction
    • Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer
    • Atomic Force Microscope
    • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
    • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    • UV-Vis and IR Spectroscopy
  • Optics Laboratory
  • Rapid 3D Printing Capability