Experimental Therapeutics and Diagnostics2018-09-05T11:02:32+00:00

The Lynntech Experimental Therapeutics and Diagnostics group performs interdisciplinary research to develop diagnostics, therapeutics and medical devices to address unmet and emerging global healthcare needs.

We nurture a highly collaborative research environment where scientists with multiple years of experience in diverse fields such as chemistry, biomedical and chemical engineering, molecular and cellular biology drive the innovation. We partner with major universities and commercial entities to develop innovative solutions to global health problems.

  • Non-thermal Plasma
  • Self-regenerating Filter
  • Microbial Decontamination
  • Trauma Care
  • Graphene-based Biosensors
  • Oncology
  • Apheresis
  • Microfluidics
  • BSL 2 Microbiology Laboratory
  • Mammalian cell culture lab
  • Molecular biology lab
  • Device design and fabrication support
  • Electrochemistry lab

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