The On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer™ is a portable, low-maintenance, lightweight hypoxia training device that provides a true pressure-on-demand flow rate that eliminates the air-starvation experienced using other mask-on training systems. This new training technology has been confirmed by U.S. Navy pilots to accurately replicate the feel of aircraft systems such as the F-18 and T-45. Contact us about this product…

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  • Portable, lightweight, and tankless
  • Only requires wall power and occasional refill of an internal water reservoir
  • Dynamic pressure-on-demand air delivery
  • Oxygen concentration managed independently of the air flow rate
  • Select standard pre-programmed training profiles or create a new custom training profile
  • Connects to any 3-pin or 2-pin bayonet-type connector. Can be easily adapted to connect to any mask
  • Integrated biometric monitoring
  • Eliminate the logistics complexity and costs associated with maintaining a gas bottle supply
  • Eliminate air-starvation which may be experienced with other training technologies
  • Pure-oxygen delivery feature facilitates fast trainee recovery
  • Dynamically responds to individual breathing characteristics
  • Touch screen interface for easy access to training profiles, custom settings, start/stop, etc.
  • Built-in self-tests ensure safe and accurate system performance
  • Quick system startup
  • Size: 20.5” x 25.5” x 15.5”
  • Weight: approx. 112 lb
  • Input power (options available: 100-120VAC, 208-240VAC; 50/60Hz)
  • Requires approx. 1 liter of tap water per 8 hours of device operation
  • Average flow rate up to 30 LPM
    peak flow rate up to 94 LPM
  • Replicates oxygen concentrations at flight altitudes (e.g., ambient to 30k ft, actual range is customizable)
        ∗ Specifications subject to change without notice

Train Like You Fly!

For the first time in the history of hypoxia training, you can truly train like you fly. The mask-on and pressure-on-demand features incorporated into the On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer™ provide an aircraft-accurate breathing environment. Oxygen concentration is managed independently of air flow, and the system dynamically responds to individual breathing characteristics.

Simple Integration!

Portable, lightweight, and tankless. This system can easily integrate into an existing pilot training environment. No gas bottles are required, and no facility modifications are necessary. Simply plug in the On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer™ into a standard wall outlet, fill the tap water reservoir, and begin hypoxia awareness training.