Our People

People are our most valuable asset! Our diverse team of scientists, engineers, program managers, business development personnel and other non-technical staff are dedicated to innovation, knowledgeable in the latest technologies, and experienced in developing real-world solutions. The work we perform is challenging and diverse; providing opportunity for individuals to collaborate and excel in a flexible, technical environment. Find out more…

Finding solutions to technically challenging problems requires a multidisciplinary approach to a greater extent today than ever before. We recognize that close collaboration, both within our organization and with external experts, is essential to achieve effective results.

Our History

Lynntech began operations in 1987, providing early-stage scientific research and technology development for government-sponsored initiatives. Building on early successes, Lynntech expanded into prototype and product development and explorative research for wide-ranging applications.

Our research has resulted in patents and licenses that support the formation of independent businesses rooted in our technological innovations.

Lynntech has grown to incorporate all stages of the research and development life cycle, offering conceptual design, experimental analysis, prototype creation, market positioning and commercial production. Click here to discover more about how Lynntech researches and develops new technology.

Our Mission: to nurture and harvest scientific creativity to produce life-changing technologies.

Lynntech Inc.

located at the Science Park at Research Valley

in Suite 100